A Million Broken Hearts

Like all good internet blogs that no one reads, the flood becomes a trickle and the trickle becomes 1 post every 6 months. But rest assured, this trickle of a trickle is still very much in business. 

Today's big news story is that we've soared past 1 million downloads. You lot aren't known for your commitment, so we're estimating at least 1 million failed marriages, 1 million unrequited loves, and many more dead, neglected or abused pets. But on the bright side, at least 1 million romances have been forged, millions of coffees have been shared, millions of picnics prepared and who knows how many breakfasts in bed. The mind boggles at all the virtual winks, kisses, hugs, not to mention the hotdogs dropped and the bubbles popped.

So pat yourself on the back if you've been a part of it, and remember to feed the pet.