2 Million Minis

We have a new rule at Digicub - only update the blog every million downloads. It's a great rule, because it means we don't have to udpate the blog very often.

So, according to our new rule, we're due an update. That's right - we've surpassed the 2 million download mark. It's time for these guys to make another appearance:

Thanks guys, you can go home now. No, don't get angy, we know you've come a long way. No, you don't get paid... No please don't do that. No wait - we didn't mean...

Great, thanks, way to ruin the post.

Anyway, these guys aside, we're pleased with this result, and would like to take this opportunity to tell the world that Mini Gay Boyfriend 2 is on the way. You can consider this fanfare :)