New Site Up and Running

The new Digicub site is now live! And unlike Frankenstein's monster, it doesn't feature a bolt through the neck (a bit like the old site did). Take some time to click around and enjoy! 


Silicon Milkroundabout

We're not sure what milk has to do with it, but here we are at SMR's 8th recruitment fair. 

Feedback on the game was all very positive and we met some great candidates. We may even have a new junior starting this Thursday. 

Mini Gay You

Well it's been a mildly arduous journey, but we've almost reached the end... of the first leg. We've just submitted Mini Gay Me, the standalone avatar builder from Mini Gay World. In Mini Gay Me, you can make your own minis... and not much else. Ok, it won't set the App Store on fire, but it will start amassing users for when we release Mini Gay World, already deep into development. Here's the app icon to tease you, until Apple deems it worthy of relase into the big wide world. 

New Location

After a brief stint at an extrememly cold office in Victoria, we've relocated to Greenwich. We're slowly training the tulips to code, so expect great things shortly. 


2014 - the year of the Mini

The year is off to a productive start at Digicub, with our 2 interns transitioning into full time roles. Congratulations guys! We'll add them to the profiles page shortly. Our secret project (Mini Gay Boyfriend 2, shhhh) is now fully underway. 

One minor setback has been the office - it's not ready yet - so we've been forced to locate to a cafe in Hackney. At least now we're uber trendy without having to try.



We're breaking our rule to bring you news of 3 new recruits, who are currenlty undertaking internships at Digicub. These heroes-to-be were recruited at an event called Silicone Milkroundabout - not sure what the milk is about - but here's the epic Digicub stand, that put others like King and Mind Candy to shame: 

All 3 interns are performing very well, and bringing more mini ideas to life. Hopefully they will all be transitioning into full roles in January, when we will reveal their identities to the world. Until then, they'll be wearing paper bags. 

2 Million Minis

We have a new rule at Digicub - only update the blog every million downloads. It's a great rule, because it means we don't have to udpate the blog very often.

So, according to our new rule, we're due an update. That's right - we've surpassed the 2 million download mark. It's time for these guys to make another appearance:

Thanks guys, you can go home now. No, don't get angy, we know you've come a long way. No, you don't get paid... No please don't do that. No wait - we didn't mean...

Great, thanks, way to ruin the post.

Anyway, these guys aside, we're pleased with this result, and would like to take this opportunity to tell the world that Mini Gay Boyfriend 2 is on the way. You can consider this fanfare :) 

A Million Broken Hearts

Like all good internet blogs that no one reads, the flood becomes a trickle and the trickle becomes 1 post every 6 months. But rest assured, this trickle of a trickle is still very much in business. 

Today's big news story is that we've soared past 1 million downloads. You lot aren't known for your commitment, so we're estimating at least 1 million failed marriages, 1 million unrequited loves, and many more dead, neglected or abused pets. But on the bright side, at least 1 million romances have been forged, millions of coffees have been shared, millions of picnics prepared and who knows how many breakfasts in bed. The mind boggles at all the virtual winks, kisses, hugs, not to mention the hotdogs dropped and the bubbles popped.

So pat yourself on the back if you've been a part of it, and remember to feed the pet. 


Rejoining the Battle

As total downloads approach three quarters of a million, Digicub is taking a short break from the minis in order to join old friends at DICE, to work on the upcoming Battlefield 4. But don't worry Digifans - there are more games in the pipeline, and a D1D update on the way.

The Right Direction


Somewhat unexpectedly, Date One Direction has had over 32,000 downloads in 4 days, hitting the number 1 spot in the Australian simulation chart, and no signs of slowing. Thanks to all the Directioners out there who have been playing and for all the great user reviews.

We've got a nice new feature coming soon, so keep your eyes open. 

Mini Boyfriend is Alive!

After a gruelling few months, we've finally launched the third addition to the Mini Series. Get downloading and try out the new Facebook and HeyZap features. Why not share it with all of your friends? Wonderful things will happen, like marshmallow castles and double rainbows. Good luck Mini Boyfriend, we wish you all the best. 


Today we hit a monumental milestone - we made it in to work before 10am. Oh, and we hit 100,000 downloads. A massive thankyou to everyone out there who downloaded our games.

We're not sure how best to illustrate this, so let's go with:

Oh sorry, we mean: 

Keep an eye out for more updates this year :)

A Christmas Bonus

All those new iPhones unwrapped at Christmas have given the minis a boost into 2012. We're fast approaching 80,000 downloads and that 4.5 star rating is standing firm. A big thanks to all our fans, we're working hard to bring you more content in 2012.



True Love?

We've heard stories of long term mini relationships, but this one eclipses them all. It comes from Gareth Chapman, one of the first customers to download the game. And he's kept it going all this time. Gareth didn't quite understand the game, and named his boyfriend after himself. So congratulations to Gareth and Gareth for this stellar achievement.

As a reward, you can expect a life size paper-machie model of your mini in time for Christmas!*

*this may never happen. 


Seeing the Lite

Well it seems that Lite is the way to go. Since making our apps free, we've seen a massive jump in both downloads and sales. Have a look at this graph:

We're currently on 48,000 downloads, which is great. We're getting a lot of demand for new content, so it's definitely something we're working on. Keeps your eyes open. 


Halloween Fun!

What's more fun at Halloween than a Halloween boyfriend? Ok, perhaps a few things. But just take a look at these guys. Available now in the latest update. 



Plus 5 scary new backgrounds and something strange on the menu when you take one of the new minis out to dinnner. Have fun! 

The Minis Go 'Lite'

Do you like words like 'monetize'? Well if so, you might like this post. We've decided to chage the way we sell Mini Gay Boyfriend. From now on, you can download a 'Lite' version of the game for free, but if you want to continue past the dating stage, you'll need to upgrade the 'Full' version. Don't worry, it's still only 69p and you can do it all within the app.

Free downloads always surge in popularity, just look at this. It shows our downloads for a few days in August. See those huge spikes? You guessed it - that's when the game was free. 

So we're hoping a whole new wave of hapless consumers will be seduced by their mini's charm, and decide to go the whole way. After all, commiting to a relationship is about taking a little risk. And when you discover your boyfriend is incapable of feeding the pet as it languishes starving and unwashed by his feet? Well, we can only apologize for his incompetance. 

Over 30,000 Mini Gays

It's been a while since the last update, but we thought we'd pop up to share some news. The Mini Gay games have surpassed 30,000 downloads worldwide, and still managed to retain a global average rating of 4.5 stars each. So we're pretty pleased :) 

Digicub Goes to E3

E3 is the indutry's biggest annual event. Naturally, being one of the industry's smallest studios, Digicub feels the need to attend. So we'll be there with the mini gays making friends and playing games. 

As an E3 special, Mini Gay Boyfriend is free to download for the duration of the show (7th - 9th June). So tell your friends to download it if they haven't already.